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About the project
Against The Tide is an interactive documentary project developed by Earth Stock Films, which uses archive footage of the South East coast to inspire new films and start conversations about people, history and place.

To launch the project, four filmmakers have made short documentaries, using archive to tell stories from Folkestone, Brighton, Broadstairs and Eastergate, near Chichester.

Broadstairs Folkestone Eastergate Brighton

This project has been enabled by Screen South, Screen Archive South East and the UK Film Council's Digital Film Archive Fund supported by the National Lottery.

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A testament to the joys of swimming in the sea.

Two generations of children swap ideas for a new school.

Ken has permed June's hair for over 60 years.

A lifelong friendship with an unexpected outcome.

Get involved
Add your ideas to these stories about people and places on the South East coast. Ever swum in the sea at Brighton, ridden a horse on the beach at Broadstairs or had a perm in Folkestone? If the films in Against The Tide spark your memories, use the Comment sections to add your story - or, if you want to upload a photo or send us your own films of these locations, .

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