Against The Tide draws on archive film and stories from the south east coast of England., an area stretching some 200 miles from Southampton to Margate.
We've begun with stories from four locations - Broadstairs, Folkestone, Brighton and Eastergate - picked because they were the subject of interesting archive films in the South East Screen Archive.  We hope to expand the website to include other films and stories from coastal areas around the whole UK.

Click on the relevant town on the map to find out more about each location.
Broadstairs Folkestone Eastergate Brighton
We are using Augmented Reality (AR) software called Wikitude.me Wikitude.me is a socially-aware geotagging site where you can log in with an existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account and add location-based information that other users will be able to access later at that same spot
To get started please download WikiTude for free here http://www.wikitude.org/ or from your mobile phone.
Exploring the locations
Click on the map above to find out more about each of the films' locations.

We've also used geotagging and augmented reality (AR) technology so you can also interact with the films via mobile phone, ideally when you're in these locations.

Augmented reality refers to the display of real time digital data superimposed on top of images of the world around you, typically via your mobile phone's camera. You point the camera at an object or location and get a resulting display of information related to those things or places.

So, if you are on Brighton beach and point your phone towards the pier, you'll see a image overlaid with information, including our story about the Brighton Swimming Club and a link to view Kat's film 'Old Man in the Sea'. Click on this link and participate in the project.

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