Making history
"It's time to pull up a stool by the front door and tell the story before the historians arrive."
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Big Mama's Funeral
Film has transformed the way we understand history.  A medium that is little over a century old, has left us a legacy which enables us to see the twentieth century differently from any previous one.   Now, digitisation is opening up new ways of seeing and using archive film itself - not just as a resource for historians, but for all of us.  

Looking at archive film, it's often the small moments that hold most meaning, what's happening in the background, something the filmmaker perhaps wasn't even intending to catch.    We've sought out films which show everyday lives and that reveal aspects of the past that have traditionally been excluded from the history books. Many of the films here are by amateur filmmakers, capturing moments of their own work and family lives.

We want to explore what happens when you bring places and films together - for example, enabling people to watch films on mobile phones, in the exact places they were shot, (see our Locations section) or to add your own images and experiences of a place to those of the past.
Archive films we have used

Sussex Symphony: Brighton Beach Scenes

A New School For Eastergate Part 1: The old school

A New School For Eastergate Part 2: The design

A New School For Eastergate Part 3: Building

A New School For Eastergate Part 4: Learning

A New School For Eastergate Part 5: School dinners

A New School For Eastergate Part 6: Old and new

Enough To Make Your Hair Curl: Part 1

Enough to Make Your Hair Curl: Part 2

Enough to Make Your Hair Curl: Part 3

Enough to Make Your Hair Curl: Part 4

In 1986, a film was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rosalie's Hairstylists.
Screen Archive
South East
All of the archive films used by filmmakers for Against The Tide have been researched and sourced from Screen Archive South East.
Screen Archive South East is a public sector moving image archive serving the South East of England.

They locate, collect, preserve, provide access to and promote screen material related to the South East and of general relevance to screen history.

The archive now contains over 7000 films and some 10,000 lantern slides from the nineteenth century. The film material has come from record offices, museums, businesses, local authorities and private collections across the region. It includes corporate documentaries, promotional material produced for seaside resorts and the military and work made by cine clubs, independent film-makers and families. These records capture many varied aspects of life, work and creativity from across the 20th century and serve as a rich and invaluable historical resource.

To explore more archive films at Screen Archive South East, click here.

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