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Enough to Make Your Hair Curl: Part 4
The cat is groomed. The last client leaves at 5.30 and the staff sweep up and fold the clean towels. They leave, and Mr and Mrs Paine lock up and switch the lights off.
Did you work in a Salon in the 1970s?
Enough To Make Your Hair Curl

Date: 1976

Location: Folkestone

This film was made by Mr and Mrs Paine the salon owners who appear in Daisy Asquith's film.

The film shows a typical working day at Rosalie's, a small hairdressing salon on Bournemouth Road, Folkestone. Mr and Mrs Paynes film takes us through a typical day in a 1970's hair saloon. Plenty of shampooing, cutting, curlers, setting and perming and of course cups of tea. Even the cat gets a grooming.

These archive clips were taken from the film 'Enough to Make your Hair Curl' ID 867. For more information contact Screen Archive South East or visit their website.

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Rosalie Hairstylists, 4 Bournemouth Road, Folkestone, Kent

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In 1986, a film was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rosalie's Hairstylists.

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