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A New School For Eastergate
Part 3: Building
The children talk about their experiences of the new school being built. Head Teacher reads out a poem that one child has written about the new school being built. The architect talks about the problems to solve in the design.
Do you remember the school being built?
A New School for Eastergate

Date: 1970

Location: Eastergate, Chichester, West Sussex

This professional film was produced by The Electricity Council for West Sussex County Council. Through commentary and interviews with the Headmistress, her pupils and the architects it charts the move of Eastergate Church of England Primary School from an unsuitable, overcrowded 19th century building, to which they hold a certain sentimentality, to a new functional purpose-built open-plan site in 1970.

The clips here are taken from the film 'A New School for Eastergate' ID No.1273. Please contact Screen Archive South East for further information or visit their website.

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Danny Weinstein's film 'The New School' was filmed in Eastergate Primary School, near Chichester. The 'new' Eastergate School was built in 1970. It is set in rural surroundings and is approximately six miles from the cathedral city of Chichester.

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