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Seaside Birthday
Ernest Trory (1913- 2000) was a regular member of Brighton swimming club, who believed in the benefits of sea swimming. He moved to Brighton at the early age seven for health reasons. At age of eighteen (1931) he joined the Communist Party. In 1936 he visited Moscow and after coming back he became Sussex Communist Party District Organizer from 1938-1940. In 1940 he was called up military duty but was immediate and mysteriously discharged in May of 1941. After the Second World War Ernie Trory founded his own publishing company "Crabtree Press" through which he published all of his many political books. In 1977 he became one of the founders of the New Communist Party in Britain.
Have you swum in the sea at Brighton?
Seaside Birthday

Date: 1953

Production: Associated British Pathe Ltd

Collection: Ernie Trory

Location: Brighton

Brighton Swimming Club is England's oldest continuously formed Swimming Club founded in 1860. For 150 years, members of the Club have been taking a daily dip in the sea, close to the Palace Pier.

This Pathé newsreel item shows "Ernest Trory and his friends" at the Swimming Club going for a winter swim in the sea off Brighton's snow covered beach, to celebrate Ernie's birthday.

The clip here is taken from the film 'A Seaside Birthday' ID No.698. For more information contact Screen Archive South East or visit their website.

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