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Off For A Ride
Horses are ridden through the streets of Broadstairs and along the cliff road, past the North Foreland Lighthouse. A tram passes by. Trams operated between Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs until March 1937.
Do you ride horses in Broadstairs?
Enid Briggs' Films

Archive Date: 1929 - 1939

All the archive in Wilma de Jong's film 'Back On The Ranch' was shot by Enid Briggs or her sister.

Enid Briggs (1898-1973) is rare early example of a woman amateur film-maker in the 1920s and 30s. She actively recorded events in the region offering portraits of life in Broadstairs and around Kent. 

As well as being a keen filmmaker, Miss Briggs was a passionate horse woman who set up, in 1934, a home for old and retired horses in Broadstairs, called The Ranch.  The Ranch was open for local children to become a 'qualified' horse carer and Miss Briggs trained them herself.

Most of the archive clips here are taken from longer films which cover all aspects of Enids social life in 1930's Broadstairs.

The clip on the site which has been given the title 'Miss Bullock's Fitness Class' is taken from 'Town and Family Scenes at Broadstairs' ID No. 1019. For more information about Miss Briggs films contact Screen Archive South East or visit their website.

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