Danny Weinstein
Danny initially studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and then worked as a director and cinematographer on music videos for Blur, Nick Cave, Echo and the Bunnymen, XTC and Felt.

He spent several years working as a documentary and portrait photographer for The Observer, Independent and Telegraph magazines and teaching film & photography. In 2006 he completed an MA in Documentary Filmmaking at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Danny has made several short films which have been screened at the United Nations Film Festival, SEE Brighton documentary festival, BFI London, Glastonbury festival and broadcast on the Community Channel.

Interview with Danny Weinstein
Why did you decide to be part of the ATT project?

I liked the idea of working with archive footage but in an unusual way. The commission was very open, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to try and experiment a bit.

What came first the archive or the story?

The archive - I had a really thorough look through it and 'A New School for Eastergate' really jumped out at me.

What were you looking for in the archive?

A film that resonated with or stimulated me, something that would be inspiring.

What appealed to you about the particular footage you have chosen?

The quality of the filmmaking and the portrayal of the children. The film compressed a large period of time and covered a big change in the childrens' lives. It seemed to capture a particular quality of life that I remember from my childhood. I thought that if I showed the film to the children at the school and filmed their responses, it might be possible to get some sort of dialogue going between the two generations and also to question the nature of archive and the passing of time.

Did the archive footage change the way you shot the film? How?

Yes completely - the way I shot the film was based around the archive footage and how I thought it might work with my new footage. 

What's the film about, for you?

Childhood, the passing of time and memory.

How did you find your participant/s?

Directly through the school. The school were really helpful and accommodating, especially the head teacher Jude Holland. The kids and teachers were great too!



Two generations of children swap ideas for a new school.
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