About the films
We began by setting 4 filmmakers loose in the Screen Archive South East.   The archive contains some 7000 films (as well as 10,000 magic lantern slides!) collected from businesses, private collections, record offices, cine clubs and local authorities across the south east region. The brief was to use archive as a starting point for a film, rather than just as illustrative material  - to make new films out of looking at old images.

Next we want to get people to engage with, add to and play with the archive itself - through screenings, exhibitions, workshops, mobile applications and this website.
Latest films

Old Man in the Sea

A testament to the joys of swimming in the sea.

The New School

Two generations of children swap ideas for a new school.

Permanently Yours

Ken has permed June's hair for over 60 years.

Back At The Ranch

A lifelong friendship with an unexpected outcome.

About the filmmakers
Daisy Asquith
Danny Weinstein
Kat Mansoor
Wilma De Jong
Bright Systems Ltd www.brightsystems.co.uk