The Ranch, Broadstairs, Kent.
The Ranch was located near Seaview Road in Broadstairs. Not far from North Foreland House where Miss Enid Briggs, her mother and sister lived. North Foreland house is now part of the North Foreland Estate which is built along a road running along the cliff with beautiful views of the sea.

Miss Briggs moved later in her life to a cottage on The Ranch.

After more than thirty years of providing a retired home for horses The Ranch was demolished in the mid sixties. A housing estate was built on this piece of land. No sign of the existence of The Ranch can be found.

Her main aim was to keep horses happy so there were big paddocks and spacious stables.The Ranch, was during its existence, a popular family attraction. Parents and their children used to visit in the weekends and the holidays. Often those who worked with the horses before they were retired used to visit the horses that had served them so well during their employment. The United Dairy Milk and other local firms that had employed those horses kept in touch by regular visits and donations.

The Ranch was open for local children to become a 'qualified' horse carer. Miss Briggs trained them and if they had passed the 'exam' they all received a badge.

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